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No matter how large or small your space, we relish getting our heads into every project to deliver a st

Low Price Rollup

Originally introduced as our cheapest model, and hugely popular for many years because of its very high performance to price ratio, always out-performing its rivals in this price bracket, the introduction of an even cheaper model for the first time in 2009 enabled us to upgrade Low-Price RollUp™ in a number of very important ways, in common with our better models.

  • Strong steel end-plates replaced weaker aluminium
  • Stronger spring motor
  • Hookless snap rail with no breakable plastic pole-top
  • New dies produce thicker extrusions for the body

The resulting increased rigidity and strength of the stand means it will happily take the extra weight of outdoor solvent-printed banners AND a light, without leaning.

Many stands which LOOK the same will not.

This stand now performs even further above its class.



EasyRoll Banner

This is a real display winner. Engineered to a very high standard for rock solid, reliable use year after year, EasyRoll Banner® will outlast any number of campaigns. Unlimited graphic changes are designed into this stand. At the heart of the EasyRoll Banner® is a powerful, spring-powered motor.

The base — weighted to perfection — is made from quality aluminium and sits firmly on the floor as you draw out the graphic and hook it onto the end of a collapsible pole. Wider sizes use more than one pole.

If you want extra display for a fraction more cost, then specify a twin-motor stand. The same stand carries one or two banners and a single can be easily converted to a twin later.

Available in 8 sizes from 60 to 320cm wide for either one or two banners.




Cheap banner display for those with enough floorspace available. Our mounting hooks are much faster to use than screw-fittings used by some others.






Magnetic Easy Pop up with case

TEasyPopUp® evolution you might call it,

because of a natural progression from the

legendary standard model to the same thing

with magnetically self-locking frame, and

magnetically attaching magnetic (channel) bars.

Amongst the advantages of this model are

complete compatibility with the original model,

meaning components are interchangeable, and

the same panels fit both systems. We’ve added

more speed of assembly, that’s all, following a

trend we freely admit evolved without us.

Magnetic EasyPopUp® addresses that trend,

yet by careful design it retains most of the

advantages of its predecessor, and because

we make it in our new factory in Asia, it is great

value for money.


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